Exhibition Stall Designer Fabricator India Lab Expo

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Exhibition Stall Designer Fabricator India Lab Expo

Exhibition Stall Designer Fabricator India Lab Expo:-

About India Lab Expo 2020

India Lab Expo and analytica Anacon India are India’s largest and most significant platform for the analysis, laboratory-technology and biotechnology market with more than 400+ exhibitors and 14000+ visitors. Both events cover the complete value chain for industrial and research laboratories. International marketplace leaders as well as local Indian manufacturers take part in the trade shows. 

Hyderabad and Mumbai are the business centers of the pharmaceuticals industry in India. Both the cities comprises all major institutions, research laboratory, drug manufacturers and a huge market for food and other manufacturing facilities. Over 80% of bulk drug and Pharma industries are recognized in and around Hyderabad with reasonably good volume of potential business prevalent in Mumbai as well. 

The trade fair showcases chromatographs, spectroscopes, microscopes and imaging, bioinformatics, medicine and diagnostics, life sciences, analytical instrumentation systems, instruments for physical and chemical analysis, laboratory furniture, equipment and packaging machines, and related products. 

Exhibition Stall Designer Fabricator India Lab Expo

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Product group:
Chromatographs, Spectroscopes, Microscopes and imaging, Analytica instrumentation and systems, Instruments for physical and chemical analysis, Biochemical, Bioinformatics, Medicine and diagnostics, Life Sciences, Laboratory furniture, Equipment, machines, Laboratory data system and documentation, Laboratory automation, Laboratory diagnostics, Instruments for environmental labs, Forensic lab instruments, Characterization and properties of materials, Quality control for pharmaceutical industry, Material testing.