The exhibition production design skills

Each end of the show, there will be a number of beautiful booth decoration “fall apart” in just a few hours. Booth greater the more money spent, the waste of the more serious. If you want to reduce waste, control, and reduce the cost of the exhibition produced decoration, it is necessary to consider the following aspects:

   a rigorous production, structural design, the repeated use of the booth

, and general “function perfect The image of the prominent and unique “as the criteria, but” the structure of cleverly designed booth can be repeatedly used and update “is the exhibition mounted design important aspect. Imagine, a real estate company each year may want to participate in the Spring Fair, Hong Kong Fair “,” Autumn Fair,four exhibitions, if slightly note, you can save much money!

   Second, the election decoration materials could save the province the

  exhibition production requirements decoration unlike the public decoration and home decoration durability, it is unlikely to consider the construction quality problems caused by time and seasonal changes. The exhibition mounted production goal is to highlight the “effect” under the premise of ensuring safety. In key positions, such as crowd-channel contact site and towering booth to thicker materials to reinforce joint ventures, domestic materials in the secondary site, this can also be said that the amount of material hiring.

   Third, prior thoughtful deviation to avoid the construction of a

  lack of move-in experience, then it is likely small mistake in Preparation time fatiguing change the construction plan for the big mistake. Some exhibitors exhibit during the request for additional projects, it is necessary to work overtime.Maybe exhibitors do not care about the venue rental and workers’ overtime pay increase, but the exhibitors in advance in terms of design and construction and construction companies a little more time to communicate not only conserve resources, but also establish the exhibitors and the construction enterprise “high-quality, high the efficiency of the image.

   Exhibition mounted innovation to create a new space of the exhibition industry

  exhibition mounted enterprises through the design of the booth exhibitors to highlight corporate image and products, sound, light, electricity, combination of special materials exhibition ornaments and design a special decorative, also includes knowledge of mechanics, architecture and art. Modern international exhibition mounted To reflect the cumulative effect of the corporate culture and advertising, should pay more attention to publicity corporate and product personality and individuality at the same time inject prospective business or product awareness of science and technology and cultural feeling, therefore, good exhibition mounted greatly enhance the modern connotations and cultural heritage of the business or product.

   The exhibition mounted and creative enterprises personality publicity

  creative publicity and display the main features of a modern enterprise. Creative success lies in the individuality.More personality more to give to the impact, giving a shock, it is never forget to play the most effective market as to achieve the most effective marketing communications. Positioning this personality of publicity related to the form of peculiar imagination of space, the choice of materials, construction, processing of color and the way the novel, to be integrated and unified. In other words, booth unique shape, color, craft, style and other organic integration, so as to form a complete enterprise or exhibits personality.

   The creative exhibition mounted design for the enterprise open the door of business

  booth personality made ​​the final analysis, in order to highlight the personality of the business or product.”Personality” is no longer the traditional sense of the business or product characteristics and corporate or product culture, but social value of the business or product, or enterprise, the product of the connotation of the times. It requires the presentation of the arts to the contemporary, including the new concept, the idea of the space-time concept, ecology concept. The concept of these times, infiltrating in booth design every cell.

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