Few tips for a great booth design

A good exhibition design works not only looks pleasing, more important to a good combination of customer needs, how to achieve the organic combination of the two, following some basic design principles can be used as a reference:
1) simple. Booth too complex may make visitors from becoming confused, not understanding the basic information of the exhibitors, making it difficult to let the audience interested in the exhibitors, while complex booth will also increase the booth staff strength, lower booth personnel work efficiency. 
Display products not just piling up on their own products, there must be selectively placed, the main product is placed in the audience most likely to see secondary products according to the type can in turn be placed around the main products, if the booth limited, some minor products can choose not to show too much piled products is not clear, it is difficult to achieve the effect of publicity will make primary and secondary.
2) prominent focus. New products or the most important product must be placed in the most prominent place, can better combination of location, layout, lighting and other means can achieve better results.
3) the theme should be clear. Theme to a good combination of product information, color, function, allowing viewers to quickly understand the nature of the product exhibitors, booth too gorgeous and the combination of the product is not close, it is difficult to achieve the desired effect of publicity.
4) unique design style. The overly popular design hard to attract the attention of the audience, but too fanciful even make viewers know what to do.
5) as the starting point to the audience’s preferences. The exhibition is successful, and whether it can achieve the effect of publicity, these are inseparable, with the audience if you design as a starting point to the audience’s preferences, you may communicate with an audience, and thus greater interest Exhibits.
6) a reasonable arrangement space. The number of booth staff and the expected number of visitors is important reference If you can not reasonably arrange space will make crowded booth explicit, it may be empty booth design space, these conditions can make the audience lose interest.
7) Do not change the design has passed. The design of the program must be comprehensive, consider the variety of possible responses to the situation, once the program through, not easy to change, in order to avoid the extension of the duration, cost increases.
8) a clear customer budget. If the client’s budget is clear, the designer needs to design a reasonable allocation of budget to avoid unacceptable customers; client’s budget is not clear, the designer should always communicate with customers, in order to maximize a clear budget.